Furnace in the Hayloft Brian Brock
Saw Horse picture

The Carnation by Francis Ponge
Silent Night
Listen Look
Water Places Water Places (14)
Buffalo Commons
Easter Egg Hunting

Water Places
1. Reverse-Binoculars
2. Hedge Maze
3. (dawn)
4. One Fine Morning
5. (box)
6. After Practice
7. Easter Egg Hunting
8. I Watched a Grey Doggie
9. Buffalo Commons
10. Cesar Chavez Park
11. (traffic cameras)
12. Turn of the World
13. It's Dark
14. Doves

NMRXR Saw Horse
Raised By Robots
Raised By Robots

Bonus Tracks:
Backfield Hag by Tim Morgan
AM (Etc) by Zach Parker
Pennybox by Z.P.

Raised by Robots is a sound picture of a radio becoming sentient.

rosie Brian Brock
Bach, Brouwer, etc.
Llobet - Canšˇ del Lladre
Bach - 1st Cello Ste. Allemande
Brock - Field Dance
Hear here.

Classical guitar performed by Brian Brock

1. Llobet - Canco Del Lladre
2-7. J. S. Bach - 4th Cello Suite (in G)
8. Valderrabano - Sonnet
9. Brock - Cave
10. Brock - Field Dance
11-16. Leo Brouwer - Preludios Epigrammaticos
17. Bach - Allemande
18. Llobet - Plany

dietrich album Dietrich Gosser
The Man Who Invented Gold
hear here

I recorded this album for Madison, Wisconsin singer-songwriter Dietrich Gosser.

MM cover Saw Horse
Marsh Marigolds
Letting Her Think
(click the flower for SHMM play-page)
Marsh Marigolds is a songs album by Saw Horse from 2007.

1. Difficult Run Farm
2. You're So Sure
3. Letting Her Think
4. Why
5. Death Valley
6. Sit Down
7. Gone
8. Stay
9. There's One Airplane In The Sky

Study cover Brian Brock
Middle School Bus
Happy Birthday Emily (32)
Mouvement de Priere Religieuse, by Fernando Sor
Up Through the Anthill
River Song

Study - classical guitar music mostly composed by Brian Brock.
Each tune has a drawing by Lea Brock:

Country City
Robots Unplugged - Scriabin Prelude - Mr. Stumbles
Ramen Stomp - The Cop Who Ruined Christmas
Country City Country/City
Hello Hank - High School Poetry
The Hag Imprint
Roll Down

Country/City - Zach Parker, Tim Morgan, Brian Brock, Graham Stephenson

Download 14 Tiles album Saw Horse
14 Tiles
14 Tiles
Get Serious With
Theres One Airplane In The Sky
Snow Falls
No I'm Playing This
14 Tiles (take 2)

14 Tiles The first Saw Horse album, before Saw-Horse was Sawhorse. Get the whole album by clicking on the airplane picture.
Rain Off Brian Brock
Comma 3 Oct 10
w/ Collective Urgency art zine
Comma 2000
Comma is a piece in which I use a looper and e-bow to create a drone with no articulation or attack. I then attempt to layer onto it a drone exactly one fifth higher, and then another, until I have traveled the entire circle of fifths (A E B F# C# G# D# Bb F C G D A). Because no power of three is equal to any power of two (ie no series of fifths can create a tone equal to any created by a series of octaves based on the same tone), the final A is slightly sharper than the initial. The interval between these two A notes is called a "comma". If I have performed adequately, there should be an audible difference between this final A and the original, which I play at the end, layering the two A notes against each other.

In practice, much of the musical value lies in what happens when I fail to create perfect intervals or create pure drones, as the various constructive and destructive interferences between frequencies create melodies and rhythms. However, even a perfectly performed version of Comma will have texture, as the overtones of each note interact with others'. Also, many of the notes are dropped an octave, which causes their fundamental tones to directly clash against predecessors (as for example G# against A).

Collective Urgency was an art zine created by Jesse Hoover and some friends of his. There were a bunch of reads and looks and listens.


NM Trash:


Raised by Robots Show 6 Apr 08
Lookin for quarters
"Lookin for Quarters?"

he runs
He Runs Away
Straw Dog
Straw Dog
Ice Storm
Ice Storm
Old Friend
Old Friend

Equus Arboretum

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