How to make your own CD of Study by Brian Brock.   Or, return to

You will need a printer (I use an HP D5160, which I heartily warn you against) that can print borderless pages.  Anything under 65# paper will not "yields good results" - 100 pound paper is best.  You should also be able to print on CDs, and you need printable CDs.  Finally, you need a "CD Button" - ie a thing that sticks to paper and holds the middle of a CD.  Drop me a line if you can't score one of these, I have used velcro dots for this...

If these prerequisites tax you, just email me to obtain a copy of the CD.  For that matter, write to me anyway, tell me you like the music, and I will make more.

1) Download this .zip file for CD quality audio and the pictures needed to make the cover:
(email for WAV files) (125 MB)

...or this one for just the pictures (to use with the mp3s):
Study (pictures only)

2) OK, now you're making a little book with pages.  Each page represents one song, and the CD resides on the inside back cover.  Print "studyroadtext.jpg" and "schobus.jpg" on opposite sides of an 8½ by 11 sheet of 65# or heavier paper.  You are going to cut a 5 by 11 piece and fold it, so make sure that the images share a top edge. Watch as you print the first side to see which side of the page it's printed on, and which end, top or bottom, comes out first.  You want to set up the second print so that the page tops meet up.  Do the same with "birthriver.jpg" and "sorant2.jpg". Fold them together, with "Study" on the outside, so that the pages go in order, Study, Middle School Bus, Happy Birthday Emily, Mouvement, Up Through the Anthill, River Song, blank, and the back page. Put two staples through the white space at the spine.  Put the CD button in the middle of the blank page.

3) Burn your audio files onto the printable CD, and print "roadcdmed.jpg" onto it.  This is a square image which prints pretty well on my printer. You might need to use "road2cdsmall.jpg", which is the same diameter as a CD.

Okee doke.

Brian Brock