How to make your own CD of 14 Tiles by Saw Horse.   Or, return to

You will need a printer (I use an HP D5160, which I heartily warn you against) that can print borderless pages (or you can print on a large sheet of paper and cut it down, as long as you print the images in the exact center).  You should also be able to print on CDs, and you need printable CDs.  Anything under 65# paper will not "yields good results" - 100 pound paper is best.  Finally, you need to have some adhesive backed velcro.

If these prerequisites tax you, just write me at (saw-horse horsesaw com) to obtain a copy of the CD.  For that matter, write anyway, tell me you like the music, and I will make more.

1) Download:
14 Tiles album
Here is what the cover looks like (no need to save them, they are in the "zip"):
Outside cover
Inside cover

Email to get uncompressed audio files.

2) Use your printer and the files named "14tiles.jpg" and "14tiles_in.jpg" to make a double sided 8½ by 11 album cover. Watch as you print the first one to see which side of the page is printed on, and which end, top or bottom, comes out first.  You want to set up the second print so that the page tops meet up.

3) Burn your audio files onto the printable CD, and print either "14tilescd.jpg" or "14tiles_incd" onto it, whichever you prefer.  These are square images which print pretty well on my printer.

4) Put the CD on the inside of the cover, and following the image of folded lines, fold the cover around the CD, corners in towards the center, at 45° angles so that various edges are parallel and perpendicular where appropriate.  Fold the corners in this order, looking at the inside cover: upper left, lower right, lower left, upper right. The green corner tile of the front cover should be on the outside.

5) Stick a small, furry velcro piece to the second corner in from the outside, which should have part of the large blue corner tile on it.  Place it so that, when you fold in the outer flap, the green tile is centered over the velcro piece. Now, envelcro a hooked piece to the furry piece, remove the hooked piece's backing, and firmly push the outer corner into place, while pulling tightly, so that the hooked velcro sticks to the inside.

All done - now email me. Thanks.

Brian Brock