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2010 Live Performances
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Bach, Brouwer, Etc. Classical Guitar album 2011 (31 Dec 2011)
John Duarte Christmas Carol arrangements (17 Dec 2011)
Hail (2011)
Classical Guitar improv and composition show and practice, 11 and 12 Oct 10. (18 Oct 10)
Shostakovich Prelude & Fugue guitar arrangment. (9 Oct 10)
Comma: Live, recently, and studio, ago. (5 Oct 10)
Reverse-Binoculars. (2 Oct 10)
12 Sep 10 performance with Michael Krassner (30 Sep 10)
Two new Saw Horse comics (19 Aug 10)

Cow Alarm Clock
Rain Off

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rosie Brian Brock
Bach, Brouwer, etc.

Llobet - Canšˇ del Lladre
Bach - 1st Cello Ste. Allemande
Brock - Field Dance
Hear here.

A classical guitar album with works by Bach, Brouwer, Llobet, Valderrabano, and myself. The complete Bach 4th Cello Suite and Leo Brouwer's Preludios Epigramaticos are the main things here. The Llobet pieces and the Allemande from Bach's 1st Cellos Suite are also really good works and pretty decent recordings. Also has a couple from a new bunch of classical guitar pieces I'm writing.
Hail Saw Horse

Waiting For the Dust to Settle
track two
It's Rusty
A Nut on a River
(machinetoy #10)
Too Old for the Oldies
Emily 35
track eight

2010 album. Contains good songs, careful guitar playing, other points of interest. Donkey by Lea Brock.
NMRXR Saw Horse
Raised By Robots
Raised By Robots

Bonus Tracks:
Backfield Hag by Tim Morgan
AM (Etc) by Zach Parker
Pennybox by Z.P.
Raised By Robots is a radio opera, depicting a radio which slowly comes to understand that it is sentient, then realizes that, as a radio, it is trapped in a metal box, unable to use its sentience to any fruitful purpose. Roughly speaking, the piece has the form of a continuously shifting instrumental music/sound stream, which begins in pure electronic sound and moves towards acoustic instrument recordings. Then there's a song.

This album was quite a long time in the making - I originally conceived it in around 1998, gradually understood a way to pull it off (more or less), and only became able to accomplish the end result in the last several years. The earliest recording here is from 2003 or 2004.

The album on CD is divided up into tracks, and it was created as a series of independent pieces, but for now on the web I'm only providing the album in one piece. There are some prototypes below, though.

MM cover Saw Horse
Marsh Marigolds
Letting Her Think
(click the flower for SHMM play-page)
Marsh Marigolds is a songs album by Sawhorse. It's Wisconsin music, with friendship in the form of Tim playing drums - his singing also pulls "Gone" back from the brink of gloom.      "Death Valley" seems popular, so you might like to look for that one, and it's very big with sandy words, but I'm consistenly happiest with the grinding confusion and clarinet breakdown of "Why".      The thumb-hating clarinet is also part of the big washdown banjo hop after "Letting Her Think" gets its song out of the way.      "There's One Airplane in the Sky" surfaces differently here than in the time of 14 Tiles - there's Tim's drums, but he also told me about Dietrich Gosser's interpretation of the lyrics, which of course was awesome - eventually the words suddenly changed in a way that enables bivalency, which is my favorite thing.      The other 4 songs, "You're So Sure", "Sit Down", "Stay", and "Difficult Run Farm" are Tim-less. "Difficult..." is a kind of mixed-meter country thing about kids; "YSS" is a song of loyalty (look rightward for sheet music). So, listen pleasure only, and all that.

Study cover Brian Brock
Middle School Bus
Happy Birthday Emily (32)
Mouvement de Priere Religieuse, by Fernando Sor
Up Through the Anthill
River Song

Study is my classical guitar album. Tim Morgan plays Drums on my only all instrumental "Happy Birthday Emily"* (my original vocals, here played by Tim on trumpet, were just ridiculous). Not a Sawhorse album. Check out Lea's drawings for this album:
duarte Brian Brock
John Duarte Carols

The first Nowell(arr. Duarte)
click to hear the set of Duarte's Carol arrangements

John Duarte's arrangements of Christmas music are as good as I have ever heard. His voice leading and harmonic choices bring out the music in the carols perfectly. He keeps things easily approachable technically but does not make musical sacrifices.
thumb-thb Brian Brock
2010 Live Performances
Reverse-Binoculars from 12 Oct 10 (complete show)

live at Revolver Records cold discoveries, sweet treats, hardwood floors, crows versus crows, mothers of the world.
Country City
Robots Unplugged - Scriabin Prelude - Mr. Stumbles
Ramen Stomp - The Cop Who Ruined Christmas
Country City Country/City
Hello Hank - High School Poetry
The Hag Imprint
Roll Down

Country/City was a band destined to be named Goodbye Kitty. While thwarting Fate, we played two acoustic guitars, two trumpets, and one drum kit, with great fellowship. In a typical performance, freewheeling modernism dissolved into stalwart assaults on pop culture.

B.T.Blue and the Trained Professionals (08)
Me and My Friends (have Asperger's)
Awesome B.T.Blue and the Trained Professionals October surprise! Wonder Style! Eat the notes!!
General Store Brian Brock
Live at the General Store
Letting Her Think
14 Tiles
I've Got a Plan
Get Serious With
Raised By Robots
Four of the songs I played at the General Store, 24 may 2008.

"Letting Her Think" is a framework.
"14 Tiles" is a slow, weird instrumental thing.
"I've Got a Plan" is a simulated big freakout.
"Get Serious With" is a big and small.
"Raised By Robots" is here without electronics.

Happy Birthday Emily, 2008 (08)

It's my sister Emily's birthday again.*
Buttons B.T.Blue & the Trained Professionals
The Buttons
Very Nice (explicit lyrics!)
Grean Beens
B.T.Blue and the Trained Professionals present 5 tracks of pure fun for vegetables, young persons, and the general public. From the relative calm of Radishes to the stomach upsetting Grean Beens, something will be sure to please everyone on your wish list. Watch out for the politically charged Cucumbers! The acerbic, acidic, and Hasidic - pick one - are sure to find food for thought here. Note that Very Nice explicitly refers to acts of reproduction without using swears, cusses, or bad words - what daring! Let Hermes hammer your shield into a relaxing plowshare as you drift away into the darkest regions of your mind.

Saw Horse (other things)radio bits
Ten Tun Truck (07)
While Delano Was Here (07)
Yelling Dog (07)

These are prototypes from the design phase of Raised by Robots, a radio opera.  Delano Quonset-huts tractors where we live. Temporary music.
Slop Den (03)
I Love You (03)
She's So Shy (02)
These are some old songs offered up by special request. Slop Den could be seen as the defining Saw Horse song, and it was around that time, while I was cutting tile for artist Sandra Miller in Taos, NM, that the name "Sawhorse" came to me. Check out the hot Beatles rip-offs.
Emily Everything (HBE 34) (07)

Two Nutses Bub (07)
Happy Birthday, Emily - 2007 *

Two Noises, Tuna Says. What do tuna say? "Bubble." The radio edit only features one of the noises. To get serious: this is an attempt to simulate radio static as heard driving around - FM. AM is way cooler, but I felt it would be better to start small.

Dylan Dylan b brock
Dylan Songs and Heresies (07)
Going, Going, Gone
You're a Big Girl Now
I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine
He Wasn't Any Friend Of Mine
Nobody 'Cept You
When You Paint Your Masterpiece
I Shall Be Released
In May 2007 I played at Bobfest, an annual Bob Dylan birthday celebration in Spring Green, WI.  Culturally speaking, I see Dylan as a translator of early recorded folk music for those who have succumbed to the intellect.  I have probably used my classical guitar to separate the songs from their musical roots while developing the structure inherent in the lyrics. The heretical material here, "He Wasn't Any Friend..." and "When You Paint..." are songs I wrote while conscious of Dylan.
See the cover.
Minuet 1 from Cello Ste 3, by Bach "Melodic-style" banjo playing on a perfect Bach piece.
Download 14 Tiles album Saw Horse
14 Tiles
14 Tiles
Get Serious With
Theres One Airplane In The Sky
Snow Falls
No I'm Playing This
14 Tiles (take 2)
14 Tiles combines determined solo guitar playing with raucous thought-explosion and songs of outdoor scrutiny. Don't be fooled by the folky beginning of "Snow Falls", it will destroy your speakers. "There's One Airplane In The Sky" is the hit. The first Saw Horse album, before Saw-Horse was Sawhorse. Get the whole album by clicking on the airplane picture.
Rain OffB. T. Blue & the Trained Professionals
Rain Off
In the Way (with Lea B)
Happy Birthday Emily (31)
B. T. Blue & the Trained Professionals is me and my machines. Except my wife Lea wrote and produced the first song on Rain Off, "In the Way", which is really more of a Saw-Horse song. Click on the goldfish head to get the whole album.
Rain Off Brian Brock
Comma 3 Oct 10
w/ Collective Urgency art zine
Comma 2000
Comma is a piece in which I use a looper and e-bow to create a drone with no articulation or attack. I then attempt to layer onto it a drone exactly one fifth higher, and then another, until I have traveled the entire circle of fifths (A E B F# C# G# D# Bb F C G D A). Because no power of three is equal to any power of two (ie no series of fifths can create a tone equal to any created by a series of octaves based on the same tone), the final A is slightly sharper than the initial. The interval between these two A notes is called a "comma". If I have performed adequately, there should be an audible difference between this final A and the original, which I play at the end, layering the two A notes against each other.

In practice, much of the musical value lies in what happens when I fail to create perfect intervals or create pure drones, as the various constructive and destructive interferences between frequencies create melodies and rhythms. However, even a perfectly performed version of Comma will have texture, as the overtones of each note interact with others'. Also, many of the notes are dropped an octave, which causes their fundamental tones to directly clash against predecessors (as for example G# against A).

Collective Urgency was an art zine created by Jesse Hoover and some friends of his. There were a bunch of reads and looks and listens.



-You're So Sure
-Emily (32)

Prelude & Fugue 1
for guitars
-Fugue pg1
-Fugue pg2

Daily Listen
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word rap
Looking For Potatoes
poems by Lea Brock

(print onto adhesive label) Sticker

NM Trash:

about the NM Trash Pictures

NMTrash Now find the secret bonus psychedelic trash picture.

-The Tree That Didn't Want to Lose Its Leaves

-The Mole (scary)

Raised by Robots Show 6 Apr 08
Lookin for quarters
"Lookin for Quarters?"

he runs
He Runs Away
Straw Dog
Straw Dog
Ice Storm
Ice Storm
Old Friend
Old Friend

Equus Arboretum

Emily 35

Other People shows, recordings, unauthorized biographies.

Voyages On VinlandiaVoyages On Vinlandia I recorded this concert in 2005, some time ago. I dropped them a line to let them know about it, haven't heard back though. I will have to remove it/the link if they want me to. Since it was one of my favorite concerts, I thought I'd put it out there for other people who were there or weren't there. I spent forever cleaning up my old recordings.
ZachZach Parker Zach Parker is a great, mysterious musician I know from Wisconsin. He lives in Chicago now.
Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, 17nov09 A surprisingly good-sounding live concert recording, made with a hand-held recorder. Actually it was on the end of this weird stick I have, which has a sort of camera-tripod screw at the end.
Eeooh The Bastard Duo
Jan 2005

The Bastard Duo is what I'm calling Jeremy Evans and Tim Morgan. I recorded them on a fateful trip to Madison in January of 2005. I visited to make friendly and recordings - some of the earliest Raised By Robots recordings happened then. Tim and Jeremy were technically just practicing, but since I was there I asked to record them. We were in the "dungeon" of Nottingham Coop, a cement room the size of a very large washing machine. They made quite a spin cycle. While there, I was digging around in my pockets for something and found Jeremy's phone number, which I had taken from a bulletin board years earlier, when I lived in Madison, with the thought of making music with him. I made up these track titles, hope that's O.K. with them... The picture link goes to the MySpace page for Jeremy's current incarnation of the Bastard Trio.

secret psych (Saw Log continued)
Horsesaw Records. Changing audio playback/download features. (17 Jul 10)
9 May 10 live performance of "Raised By Robots" (27 May 10)
Hail rough mixes (22 May 10)
Stuck (25 Mar 10)
Walleyed Snatcher! (25 Dec 09)
Converted to Yahoo(!) media player for all playback. (19 May 09)
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Sawdust album. A collection of improvs. And a song. (6 Jan 09)
Added Yahoo player link at Listen. (31 Dec 08)
Quick-play. Now you can stream whole albums directly from your browser. (12 Nov 08)
Me and My Friends (have Asperger's) - a new BTB&TP song. (28 Oct 08)
One improvised music at a time in sawdust. (12 Aug 08)
A storm-derived piece of music. (removed - new improvs here) (8 Aug 08)
A little bit of Country City-pushing. (4 Aug 08)
Raised By Robots, a new/old album. Finally "finished"! (23 Jun 08)
Word Rap, by Lea. (21 Jun 08)
Emily 35, the music video. (21 Jun 08)
A live recording from the Spring Green General Store, 24 May 2008 (11 Jun 08)
Photo of a RXR performance. (6 Apr 08)
A Sawhorse sticker for someone. Someone like you. (4 Apr 08)
Happy Birthday Emily, 9 April 2008 (3 Apr 08)
A page for my buddy Zach Parker (27 Mar 08)
The Bastard Duo, 2005 recording. (27 Mar 08)
B.T.Blue & the Trained Professionals: The Buttons (9 Mar 08)
A new comic! "Stuck" (22 Feb 08)
Voyages On Vinlandia in the purpose-built "Other People" section. (7 Feb 08)
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Cucumbers: B.T.Blue singalong (13 Jan 08)
Radishes, a B T Blue and the Trained Professionals bonus single. (10 Jan 08)
Daily Listen: writing about music. (5 Jan 08)
A new Comics presentation. (20 Dec 07)
A much better edition of the score to Happy Birthday Emily (32). (14 Dec 07)
Two Nutses Bub, the radio edit. New NM Trash pic. (11 Dec 07)
more NM trash. (30 Nov 07)
4th NM(USA) trash picture. More descriptive words about Marsh Marigolds. (18 Nov 07)
3rd NM(USA) trash picture to celebrate the move back. (1 Nov 07)
New super-clickable Marsh Marigolds page. (16 Oct 07)
Marsh Marigolds posted. Also, NM Trash picture. (12 Oct 07)
Waterlogged (comic) (6 Oct 07)
Old Friend (comic) (14 Sep 07)
Recognition of Sakuntala (picture) (27 July 07)
The Mole, a scary story. (19 Jul 07)
Minuet by J.S. Bach. (12 Jul 07)
Ice Storm (comic) (12 July 07)
The Gopher (read) (12 July 07)
Straw Dog (comic) (4 July 07)
Ten Tun Truck. Delano days ago. (23 Jun 07)
Guitar (comic) (27 Jun 07)
The Farm Cat (read) (19 Jun 07)
Oldies at the top. The first SawHorse comic in the Saw Log. Story: The Tree That Didn't Want to Lose Its Leaves (13 Jun 07)
He Runs Away (comic) (13 Jun 07)
Beast Mandar (read) (10 Jun 07)
Green CD informations for Bob. BTBlog added to top. (10 June 07)
New album, Dylan Songs and Heresies, and Emily Everything (4 June 07)

* Since 1998, I have written a song each year for my sister as a birthday present.


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