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B.T.Blue and the Trained Professionals
The Buttons

Make a The Buttons CD

The Music:
Very Nice (explicit lyrics!)
Grean Beens
B.T.Blue and the Trained Professionals present 5 tracks of pure fun for vegetables, young persons, and the general public. From the relative calm of Radishes to the stomach upsetting Grean Beens, something will be sure to please everyone on your wish list. Watch out for the politically charged Cucumbers! The acerbic and acidic - pick one - are sure to find food for thought here. Note that Very Nice explicitly refers to acts of reproduction without using swears, cusses, or bad words - what daring! Let Hermes hammer your shield into a relaxing plowshare as you drift away into the darkest regions of your mind.

Front Cover:
The Buttons: Front Cover
Back Cover:
The Buttons: Back Cover

Make it:
If you would like to make your own CD of The Buttons, you can download the images from the following links, which will print onto boths sides of a single sheet, resulting in 2 front covers and 2 back covers, aligned (2 inches from the edge of the sheet) so that they can be cut and inserted in the CD package of your choice. You could also drop me an email if you want CD-quality audio instead of mp3.
The Buttons Front Covers
The Buttons Back Covers